CEMSA manifacture both seam welders series: transversal, or circumferential (MRT series) and longitudinal (MRL series), without or with copper wire (stitch welders). These welders too, can be equipped with different typologies of power packages (single phase AC, medium frequency 1-7KHz, inverter AC). CEMSA can design and build static or dynamic positioning tooling served by electric axis controlled by robotic applications, strictly in accordance with customers’ specifications. Seam welding applications provided by CEMSA comply with the most resticted international standards, as requested in aerospace market sectors. The technology of copper wire, mandatory for seam welding tubes, drums, elbows and fittings made in galvanised, aluminium coated steels is standardized by CEMSA for more than 40 years.

CEMSA manufacture automatic seam welding solutions, like the “ROBOSEAM”, for high quality welding, in a cooling water bath, delicate materials sensible at the overheating (stainless steel in different grades), on a working table with a copper plate of variable size up to cm 1000 x 2000 mm.

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