CEMSA design and manifacture projection welders for different tasks and with different power packages, as used for all other Resistance welders. The “follow up” is a dedicated device installed to ensure the costancy of the pressure applied all along the welding process. Projection welding requires a specif analysis on each request coming from the end users, aimed at designing and manufacturing the most suitable application for positioning correctly the parts. One of the parts to weld must have few protrusions (tips) punched-in for concentrating the welding current. Higher heat in shorter time provide better aesthetic results on visible sufaces. Projection welding can be associated with automatic devices, indexing tables or robotic solutions to speed up the operations and while limiting the manpower.

Specifically for welding automotive parts, additional controls in real time on pressure, heating and penetration become essential for certifying the quality of each output. Collecting these data for each cycle makes possible a costant monitoring of the production process.

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