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Electrical Upsetting is a kind of concentrated hot deformation usually followed by a forging press. Since the 2000’s CEMSA design and manufacture these series of machines at different levels of automation to accomplish specific requests of productivity. Therefore, single or double in-built machines, working cells with automatic loading/unloading by manipulator or robot and presses. These El-Up machines can be supplied AC or DC depending upo, cycle times, productivity, power availability. The Free El-Up supplied by CEMSA can works bars up diameters of 120 mm² and with no lengths limitation. Main applications are in the automotive field like production of axles shafts, engine valves of any kind up to those for shipyards, as well as other special applications like tubews and deformations and high degrees of lifting hooks.

Throughout a specific examination of the pieces to manifacture and relevant drawings, CEMSA technologists can provide the most suitable solution along with details of the technical features and the productivity achievable.

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