The Electrical-Upsetting is an alternative technology in the production of steel hot forged parts, sometimes compared with other processs, perhaps better know up to now.
Among these, the most common is the one that involves the use of an induction furnace for pre-heating the material to be subsequently forged by means of a press (in most cases a screw-drive press).

If the piece has a predominantly axial development with a major portion of the non-deformed part having a cylindrical shape and the part intended to deformation, which is then heated, has a length not exceeding three times the diameter of the bar, it is possible to use:

  • Furnace + Press
  • Furnace + Mechanical upsetter
  • Electrical Upsetting + Press

The Electrical-Upsetting Machines, among the previously mentioned 3 alternatives, guarantees the fastest changeover time switching from one type to another piece as well as the cheapest cost of tooling.
Typical examples are the engine valves and the rear flanged axle shafts.

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