Longitudinal seam welding machines for galvanized steel, stainless steel, alu steel. Thickness from 0.4mm to 1mm; options of higher thickness available.
Tube length up to 1000 but with option for longer sizes . Diameters from 80mm up to 1000mm.

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    The welders are available with a motorized tube support, including lateral guides.
    Available also longitudinal seam welders with a length of 1500mm, mainly used for boilers outer shell welding.
Among the longitudinal seam welder family, CEMSA supply complete lines from coil. Those lines are inclusive of decoiler, straightener, cut-to-length (simple punching if needed) rolling and welding. All in a unique working cell.
    The machines are equipped with the copper wire technology, to prevent the zinc sticks on the welding wheels surface, with the result of changing consistently the electrical conductivity of the wheels themselves. On the contrary if a copper wire, running together with the wheels is interposed between the two electrodes (wheels), this wire, other than assuring the electrical continuity for the welding process, presents all the time a clean surface, guaranteeing a negligible wear of the wheels, meanwhile burning and taking off the first layer the zinc from the galvanized sheet.
    Once completely impregnated of zinc and therefore not longer useful, this wire, as said continuously running, reaches the rear of the welder and cut automatically in small parts of few cm.
    These Scrapes are collected in a drum, located just under the cutting device and from time to time sent back to the Producer of wire, who regenerates it in new bobbins. Therefore customer shall pay only this process of regeneration and not the basic material (copper).

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