Butt welding machine for joining head to head or “T” joining, steel or stainless steel rods.
The welder is equipped with copper jaws for clamping the rods and with a servo pneumatic mechanism to squeeze to rods.
Power available from 45kVA to 80kVA. Weldable cross sections up to 120sqmm

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    The particularity of the BUTT NS, resistance-welding machine designed and built by CEMSA, makes it unique in its kind. It is the only machine on the market with the electrodes positioned on a 45 ° inclined frame, just in front of the operator. This particular aspect allows the operator to butt-weld wire products such as baskets or small grids, without having to bend but sitting comfortably on his workstation.

    Another practical use of the BUTT NS is its integration within a robotic island. In fact, due to the visible position of
    the electrodes, loading and unloading operations are much easier than in traditional machines, allowing the robot to act more linearly without having to find critical angles on the wrist that slow down its movement too much. This design is also due to the possibility of operating with a pneumatic machine in which, thanks to a play of levers and thanks to the limited request for upset force, the pneumatic cylinders are small and can therefore remain inside the carpentry of the machine itself.

    The ease of use and the small size make the resistance-welding machine BUTT NS an interesting product for all workshops where wire processing is the main occupation.

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