CEMSA International srl is proud to announce the release of a new welding cell designed and manufactured for an important European group, leader in supplying standard and special dish washing machines.

This automatic welding machine, while keeping the same concept of the well-known ROBOSEAM for welding stainless steel sinks, has been extensively modified to comply with a new request to weld automatically both sides on dish-washing machines.

Initial operating cycle

  • Operator loads the U bent part in the first tooling, by fixing it into a dedicated fixture. Then he places one of the two side parts on the top of the copper welding track. He gets-out from the protected area and activates the welding cycle. The upper welding wheel comes down and welds automatically the peripheral flange, to its completion.
  • The operator gets-in, opens the fixture, removes the semi-finished part and places it in the second tooling for welding the second side plate, positioning it on the top of the copper welding track. Then he goes back to the first tooling where he loads a new U bent part, as well as a new side part on top. Finally, being both tooling with all parts loaded, he activates the fully automatic cycle, which will consist in welding the first plate in the first tooling, then the second plate in the second tooling
  • And so on
  • Additional automation could be applied upon request

 For more information, please ask. Clip videos are available