MRL BIDONINew release!!

CEMSA is proud to announce the release of a new “Drum Welder” equipped with last generation “Medium Frequency” (1000Hz) power package guaranteeing 40% saving in energy versus the actual A/C welders on the market. Typical application for 208 litre drums for lube oil storing
Main data:
· Diameter range: 300mm – 600mm
· Thickness range: 0.6mm-2mm
· Drum length: 400mm-1200mm

Main features:
· Movable carriage controlled by a brushless motor synchronized with the upper wheel motion (push-pull effect)
· Possibility of Automatic change of welding current at the beginning and the end of the cycle
· Laser control of the upper wheel diameter to adjust the linear speed of the carriage
· Dressing tool on the upper wheel, automatically controlled
· PLC Siemens for working cycle control
· HMI OP for recipes writing and storing
· Ethernet connection for saving data off-line
· Productivity: 120-150 drums/hr