ER 25 Electrical upsetting machine designed for engine valves and trucks tyres valves. In this machine the movements of the hammer and of the anvil are obtained by means of hydraulic combined with proportional valves or in the upgrade version by brushless electric motors.  In this way thanks to the brushless accuracy it is posible to control and adjust at high precision, force and speed reaching a level just today unknown.
It is possible to produce high quality engine valves in the most difficult materials like titanium and its alloys.
Ready to be integrated in working cells or to be combined with automatic loading/unloadng

Bar diameter: 6 – 14 mm
Bar length: 100 – 550 mm.
Upsetted material steel, steel-alloys, titanium, titanium-alloys, brass.


Elettro ricalcatrice ER25 motori elettrici

Elettro ricalcatrice ER25 idraulica