CEMSA, in close cooperation with one of the best-know manufacturers of roll forming lines, has created an innovative transversal roller welding machine.

The machine integrates perfectly into the automatic line, communicating in real time with the master of
the same and transferring to it all the data of each single welding point, including consumption in KWh.

The transversal roller welding machine is equipped with brushes for cleaning the wedling surface of the discs and knives for restoring the shape of the track itself. An automatic lifting system of the lower roller guarantees a constant working height, automatically compensating for the change in the zero level due to lower roller consumption.

The combination of all the aforementioned features allows the profiling line to work 24 hours a day without any surprises. In fact, in case of anomalies, the machine is able to compensate and correct the welding parameters but at the same time warn the line master that these corrections took place. This information can be used to prevent failing welds and to anticipate maintenance of consumable parts.